What to Do & Expect:

So now that you have a fabulous set of lashes, what's a girl to do?

  • Make sure that for the first 24 hours you don't do anything to compromise the bond of the glue. This means no water, oil-based products, steam, rough sleeping, hot yoga, etc. Essentially you need to baby those lashes!

  • After 24 hours, cleansing your lashes everyday is the best way to make sure they last as long as they possibly can. However there is a right and a wrong way to keep them squeaky clean. It's important to be gentle but thorough when cleaning. Here's what to do:

  1. Apply a small amount of the foaming cleanser on a soft & fluffy brush.

  2. Move the brush in a gentle downward motion, following the direction of the lashes. No need for extra pressure, let the brush and foam do most of the work.

  3. Rinse your lashes with water and delicately pat dry.

  4. If you have worn waxy liners or other makeup that has gotten in the lashes (not recommended), you may need to repeat the process until there is no longer residue left behind.

  5. At this point your lashes are clean. However if you have some unruly lashes due to growth or rough sleep, this is the perfect time to tame them! Using a blow dryer on the cool setting, rest it on your cheek bone so the air flow is directed on the underside of your lashes. Hold it there for 30 seconds or until your lashes are dry. This should fluff up and straighten those lashes out.

  • Tip: If you are a rough sleeper, getting a silk or satin pillowcase will save your lashes! If you are having uneven shedding it's most likely related to sleeping habits. There are also sleep masks specifically designed for lashes, available for purchase from your stylist.

  • Avoid makeup and oil-based product like the life of your lashes depend on it! Because they do. Any time you add product to the eye area that has a gummy, waxy, or slick texture, there is a very good chance the glue bond is being broken down. Protect your investment by keeping them clean. If you are looking for added emphasis talk to your stylist about changing the length, curl, or lash type, don't add mascara!

be kind to your lashes and they will be kind to you!

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