Bridal Lash Appointments

If you are thinking about wearing extensions on your big day, it's recommended  that you book a little over a month out for your initial set of lashes for a few reasons:

  • Sometimes extensions take getting used to. While minimal, there are some adjustments that need to be made to your routine to properly care for your lashes. You have enough to worry about the few days before your wedding; it is best if you're already used to your new lashes. 
  • In order to perfect your dream lash look, it can take more than one appointment. Even though we do a consultation prior to your initial set, sometimes you'll find after wearing them, that you may want to change a few things up. By booking out a fill or two before your wedding, your lashes can be tailored to the exact set you have in mind. 
  • And finally, if you have sensitivities to the adhesive, it's best to know about that way in advance. While it's very uncommon, people occasionally do have allergic swelling or redness in response to the product. The last thing we want is for you to have puffy eyes on your big day! 

The perfect wedding timeline would be to book your set 4-5 weeks in advance, have one touch up in between, and then a final appointment 2-3 days before your wedding.  

Lashes can perfect your wedding look if you plan ahead! They look beautiful in pictures, you don't have to worry about your mascara running, and it makes for a perfect low maintenance honey moon. 



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