What is the difference between classic and volume lashes?

Classic lashes are the original eyelash extension treatment. In the process of creating a fabulous set of classic lashes one synthetic lash is applied to one natural lash until most of the lashes are covered. This look can be tailored to suit any eye. 

Volume lashes consist of placing more than one synthetic lash on a natural lash in the shape of a fan. Volume lashes weigh less than their classic counterparts, so multiple lashes can safely be adhered to a single lash. This technique is the most versatile method of creating the desired look. It is best for sparse or delicate lashes, but can be used to create the most dramatic looks as well. 

What is the application process like?

You will be comfortably reclined with your eyes closed while lash extensions are applied one at a time to your own natural eyelashes. There is no discomfort or pain involved in the procedure. In fact, most clients find it is so relaxing and comfortable that they fall asleep.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the type of lashes you choose and the experience of the your stylist and the number of lashes being applied, it generally takes between 1.5-3 hours to apply a full set of lash extensions. Fills can be done in as little as 60 minutes.

What do they look like and how do they feel?

With proper application, lash extensions look and feel completely and weightlessly real. Each application is customized to suit the individual. We offer many lengths and curls to suit any eye shape and create any style. Individual synthetic lash lengths are chosen to carefully enhance the shape and frame of a natural lash line. The thickness of the extensions applied is determined by the health and thickness of your natural lashes, as well as personal preference. The overall effect is added curl, thickness and length, opening up the eye for added definition. 

Because lash extensions are designed to replicate a real lash, they weigh about as much as a natural lash: practically nothing. You shouldn't notice the addition of the extensions to your lashes and they will not cause your natural lashes to fall out ahead of their natural cycle.

Do Extensions damage natural lashes?

No. Properly applied extensions are adhered to a single isolated natural lash (without touching the skin). Doing so does not impede the natural growth cycle of the lashes. Your stylist will consult with you to determine what length and thickness will be healthiest for your lashes. 

Can I wear makeup with extensions?

It is not encouraged. Avoid waxy or oil based liner as it can accumulate in between the lashes and shorten the life-span of your extensions. In lieu of a pencil liner, a moistened angle brush dipped in dark eyeshadow works very well. Mascara is the worst product you can apply to your extensions. It will bind them together, break down the bond, and potentially can lead to natural lashes becoming weaker.  

How do I care for my extensions?

  • Do not wet your lashes for 24 hours after application -this includes steam from showers and sweat from exercise
  • Wash your lashes every day with a recommended foaming cleanser  -yes every day! 
  • Avoid oil based products -including eye creams, liners, and make-up removers
  • Do not tug, pull, or twist extensions -doing so may damage your natural lashes
  • Sleeping on lashes can affect retention, use a silk or satin pillow case to reduce wear on extensions
  • Using a blow dryer on cool setting from underneath lashes for 30 seconds can fluff and straighten extensions

See the After Care tab for extra hints!

How long do lash extensions last?

The look can be maintained indefinitely with touch-ups. When properly applied and with excellent home care, lash extensions will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests falls out. 

A natural lash growth cycle is on average 60-90 days. When a natural lash matures and falls out, a new lash has already been growing and quickly replaces it without a noticeable turnover. Our lashes are in the growth process constantly and are at many levels of maturity simultaneously. Some are just growing in, while others are ready to shed. People typically shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. 

Your lash stylist will apply extensions mostly to lashes that are in the middle of their maturation cycle to maximum the amount of time they will last, without jeopardizing the health of finest or 'baby' lashes. Lash extensions will fall out with the natural lash it is attached to when it reaches the end of its growth cycle. A few extensions may shed within the first week because the attached natural lashes are at the end of their growth cycle. 

With proper care and maintenance, touch-ups are typically only needed once every 2 to 4 weeks to replace the lashes that have shed. 

Is the adhesive safe?

We use only FDA approved adhesives that are manufactured in the US. They are low fume, low sensitivity, and safe even for pregnant women. 

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